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Another bullet-point list of thoughts

  • I have had the first two DVDs of Firefly and the first DVD of Battlestar Galactica laying around for the last week. I wish there was someone I could rope into watching them with me while cuddling. If distance wasn't a factor I could probably get someone, but it obviously is. I'm about ready to just send them back and get a movie instead. Cause I'm obviously not going to get around to watching them.
  • I tried to throw out some more lines in the area over the last couple of weeks but all attempts seem to have gone ignored. Instead I've started talking to someone over four hours away. I would use an entire tank of gas for a round trip (that's approximately 30$ that I don't have), so that's definitely a no go. Not that we've gotten that far or have seen any indication of that sort of interest anyway so it's a moot point.
  • I'm pretty sure that moving to California will have to wait for a year or two. I may still visit, but in the mean time I'll be staking out somewhere else to move. I still haven't had any solid pull or interest in any specific city so I may just end up stay here until something pops up.
  • Yesterday night Esther, one of her friends, and myself went bowling at the local bowling alley. The lanes, as usual, seemed 'off' and most of the balls with big finger holes were fit with some sort of contraption made only for smaller fingers. I did manage to find a bowling ball of decent finger hole size and weight, but it felt 'off' somehow as well. Anyway, I lost both games we played miserably; I've definitely lost all ability I once had.
  • Oh, and on a side note, they started playing Country music about half way through the first game. iceraver would have hated it, heh. Every time I hear country music I think of how he would set his radio alarm to country music. In the morning when it went off he would grumble, get out of bed to slam on the snooze button, then get back in bed to repeat the performance in 5-10 minutes. heh, fun times. :-)
  • I've noticed I've been thinking about some of my more palatable exes quite a bit lately. It's quite something to think about the various things I did or didn't like about each of them, and to ponder if I would go out with them again under the right circumstances. There's only one two (of five) that I wouldn't. I would even go out with more than one of them at the same time if I could. I haven't figured out if that's being selfish, just the way I am, or what. Some would obviously say selfish without even thinking about me or my personality, but that's them.
  • There is no question in my mind that I would move in a heartbeat to be closer to a guy I liked, even if it was only to give it a chance.
  • My imagination and expectations are running wild on me. Uhh... *sighs*
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