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Contract Information

Here's a little update on the contract I had.

Some time around October 16th, give or take a week, my client called and said my former contact with the company was no longer with the company (he had put in his resignation to work somewhere else) and that he would be my contact now. I told him I was about a week behind but should be caught up soon. I also told him that some time in the next two or three weeks I would need to get a copy of the current database schema as part of the contract. He said he would email me his contact information and further information about getting the database schema as that would be needed.

On November 6th my client finally emailed me, but only with some new items they wanted done and asking for a progress report. On November 10th, two weeks left before contract deadline (November 24th), I emailed my client and told them I still needed their current database schema in order to migrate the data to the new system. Part of my contract is to migrate their existing database to the new system that I was developing, and to do that I need to know what I'm working with first. I also told them that one of the two items they asked for would take longer than the time frame of the contract and I would need it extended if they wanted that added in the contract.

As of November 21st I still hadn't received anything from them. At this time my brother and I also went over the contract, the technical specifications, process graphs, and their idea of what the new database should look like I had been given from the client to work with. After an hour or so we had a list of 7 critical items that I needed more information on before I could even partially implement what the contract called for. My brother also remarked that to fully implement what the contract called for, and leave no room for them to not try to get out of paying me for my work by claiming is isn't exactly what the contract stated, would take 6 to 12 months simply because everything was that vague. If they had at least given me their current database schema (instead of the one they thought would be a better one) then I could have filled in the blanks for at least half the missing information.

With three days until the deadline, limited to useless information on exact specifications, and no response from the client I decided it was time to throw in the towel and stop wasting my and my brother's time.
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