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Wild Dream; warning, very graphic

I had one of those really wild dreams this morning.

It started out with me bringing an old lady who was a little obese into a facility to some sort of class. She started to have problems so they took her into surgery. When they brought her out she was in a little clear plastic case in a little pool of blood and water (the consistency of water but the color of blood). The surgical guy then took her out and asked if I wanted to hold her "It's perfectly alright". I held her and remarked how small and frail she was. He said yeah, they get that way. I suddenly had this vision of him being inspired to do his work when he saw someone old and frail and wanted to be able to give them health again.

And this is the part where it gets really graphic. The next thing I know he just pulls her head apart and takes out her brain. I proceeded to get hysterical about him killing her as he put her brain on some sort of scale. He does something and suddenly the top of her brain splits off and falls into the commode (What the heck is a commode doing here!?). He calmly takes it out and puts it back on the bottom half of the brain. As he starts to put the brain back in the body the body has suddenly turned into a cat. He then comments about ensuring an airtight seal while I'm going mentally out of it. He then closes the head back up and I can hear it go "sploosh" as the brain is squeezed down to size for the body of a cat. And suddenly the cat opens its eyes, says something, and then bounds out the door. I go chasing after her hysterically yelling for help until a senior staff member catches up to me and the cat and answers my questions about it being 'ok' / 'normal' and not illegal.
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