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Call back, contract disputes, and house jobs

Oh yes, Papa Johns called back yesterday and said my driving record came back clean (What did you expect? I've never been in an accident or pulled over). I'm to bring in my license, insurance, etc Monday at 2pm and then they'll schedule my training (There's training to driving pizzas around? Oh well, I guess they put you to work in the store between deliveries or something). *crosses fingers* All I need is about twenty hours and I'll be able to pay my bills this month.

Oh, other news: the small contract client finally got in touch with me this morning via IM. We ended up hassling it out for two and a half hours about what exactly I was expected to do, and of course their confusion on what exactly they were getting from me. My job was to modify a component, and the default component settings obviously didn't look like the demo site's settings, so they were getting on to me to make it look the same. Except configuring it was no where in the contract, nor could it be even remotely considered in the contract. I never would have accepted the contract if it was in the terms to also configure it for just 75$. We were just about to have to take it to ScriptLance to arbitrate the terms, but they finally relented and said they'll pay me for my work immediately after they test the video upload modification I made. (Shouldn't they have done that, like, a week ago?) *sigh* Even if they pay me today it's still going to take some time before it can go through the system (it being the weekend tomorrow and all) so I won't be able to pay my cell phone bill on time. There goes my 150$ rebate for the phone.

Well then, I must be off to ... take care of some business (stupid libido has been fluctuating even more than my mood), and then rake the yard. My brother has offered to pay me 20$ for raking the leaves. That'll give me enough gas money to make those pizza deliveries so I can actually work the job that will pay the rest of my bills.

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