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Always curious about just one more day.

One of the things I did on my road trip some months ago was visit an old friend that I've known for several years now, black_basilisk (Who obviously does not have a LiveJournal account anymore). We still talk on rare occasion, but his life has gotten so hectically busy that it's hard to find him at the computer much anymore.

Anyway, the last evening I was there we were playing Mario Party with his roommate and friend. I had my legs across black_basilisk's lap which put my socked feet next to his roommate. I was careful not to actually touch him, even if I did have the notion to just ... ya know, stretch out the rest of the way. Ahem. Anyway, all of a sudden he starts massaging my foot. To this day that incident still raises an eyebrow as it did when it occurred.

I will probably always be curious about what might have happened if I could have stayed even one more day. *chuckles*
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