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It seems the guild and I have come to a stand off. They keep doing things that scratch up my bad side. Starting from saying out-right no to a PHP & Database driven site to blocking my spells or going to monster pits without me, soon after I log off. I wish Shonie, and whoever else it matter to, could see that by creating an automated site it wouldn't have to go without an update for months because nobody wants to bother with the HTML. I'm going to go ahead and make the pages just to prove them all wrong. Also, I'm going to kill anyone that steps in front of my spells from now on, at least when I can't be penalized for it. Maybe after they've died a few dozen times from being stupid/arrogent/immature then they'll stop ticking me off.

No, I haven't forgotten about Darren and the group. Just haven't had the drive to write more about them because of all this other stuff. I don't even think anyone is interested in reading it. If I get enough of it wrote at a time I may just give it to a site like DaBeagle. *shrugs*

I would also like to say thank you to Glamour*Lust for the great comic. I didn't start reading it until near the end but it is still a good story. I look forward to the continued stories of ravyns_lair, thistle_dear, and klgaffney. They write some good stuff and you gotta love how they can write stories that intertwine with eachother =)

Mmm, that's all I can think of for now. I'm going to bed, again. I was just asleep only a few hours ago, even if it was a nap.
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