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Heartless; Employment

Yeah, I'm heartless.

My sister just called (10:40am) asking to use my vehicle for the next four hours. She wanted me to take hers to Wal-Mart for her to get a flat fixed and the oil changed. She said she would give me the money for it. I told her that I had my job appointment today and needed my car. She then said she would only need my vehicle until 2pm because she's babysitting. I then told her that my job appointment was at 2pm. She went on to say that she would actually be done with my vehicle by 1:30pm. I told her that I just couldn't take that risk. She followed up by playing the guilt card of "I guess I'm just going to have to drive around with a flat tire while babysitting.". I didn't go for it. She is notorious for not being able to keep schedules or even single appointments, and with a job that I desperately need on the line I do not dare take that chance. And I don't mean she can't keep an appointment by five or ten minutes; she is often fifteen minutes late for professional (work) appointments and half an hour late for personal (household) appointments.

As for the job appointment: It's not an interview like I thought it was going to be. Apparently the interview was them checking my driving record. This is to fill out the rest of the paperwork to actually get the job. Immediately afterword will be the training. So as of ~2pm today I'll be employed again for the fourth time in the last three and a half years. >.> *hides*
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