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First Sentence of First Post of Each Month meme

Near the beginning of the month this meme was going around. The object is to post the first sentence of the first post of each month.

January 2nd: I went be bed at like 3am this morning and ended up getting up at like 9am.
February 1st: I was on the phone with a guy last night and at one point he says, "You're like a Rubix cube with only two colors; black and white."
March 1st: I feel like an idiot.
April 1st: The one day a year when everyone tries to imitate The Onion.
May 1st: I just filled out and submitted my application to UT-Martin online.
June 5th: I finally fixed something about my LiveJournal style that has been annoying me.
July 2nd: You know what the number pad needs?
August 4th: It has been over four days since I've last posted.
September 1st: I'm never going to find him, am I. :-(
October 1st: My stomach is not being kind to me right now.
November 2nd: Seeing as this is going around, and I've often been asked what accent I have, I figured I would fill it out and see what it said. :-P
December 1st: Grrr, ok, I admit it, I'm horny.

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