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Out of gas

A couple of hours ago my sister called me and said she ran out of gas. I grabbed my keys and started heading down to my car before she even finished the story or even told me where she was. The funny thing is that she was less than a mile from the house when she ran out, and only 500-750 feet from a gas station. The problem was that she didn't have gas can to get it to her car. So I stopped at the gas station, filled up a gallon gas can, and then drove it up to her. After she put it in her car I warned her it would only take her 15-20 miles, if that, but she was already late for work and it was only a mile or two away anyway. She said she would put 10$ in her car after she got off.

That's my fun story for today. This is the first time she has run out of gas, but it doesn't surprise me in the least because she brings her car so close to empty over and over and over. I'm actually amused.
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