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Today has been very productive.

I got up about 8am, lazed about a bit, and took a shower at 9am. A little before 10am I put my clothes from the washer to the dryer and headed to the bank and made a deposit (75.05). After that I went to Wal-mart, got a new wiper for the driver side of my car (2.46) and a gallon of Rain-X/De-Icer (1.50) using a gift card (5$) my sister had given me for bringing her the gallon of gas yesterday. From there I went to the Wal-mart gas station and used the gift card I got from the Papa Johns Christmas party (25$) and the remainder of the other gift card (0.43) to almost fill up my tank.

When I got home and had my car under the car port I spent about 10 minutes getting the old wiper off and the new one on. From there I needed to drain my windshield wiper reservoir since the Rain-X bottle says "Do Not Dilute" and it was almost completely full from the last time I filled it with water. That took a wrench to unbolt the reservoir and a little twisting so I didn't have to take the wires off, but finally got it almost completely empty. From there I emptied the entire Rain-X bottle into it. After I got it bolted back on I realized I meant to wipe some on the side windows and especially the back window. I then let it squirt out on the front window, wiped it onto a paper towel, and then wiped it on the other windows.

Once I was done with that I washed my hands and got online to check my bank account and then pay my cell phone bill (which, thankfully, did not have a late charge on it). I then went to the kitchen and put a fish sticks frozen dinner in the microwave and checked the house phone for missed calls. I noticed the last cal was from "Ed America", my school loan lender. I got my account number and called them back. I explained my situation and said I wouldn't be able to pay them until I got paid on the 5th of January. She said she could put a note about that but I would still get a few calls and letters, or she could use some of my forbearance time to push ahead the December payment to January. After a little round-about of questions I decided to go with the forbearance time and also change my due date from the fourth to the eighth of each month.

Once that was done I took a few bites of my food and brought it upstairs along with some soda. From there I got my clothes out of the dryer, brought them up to my room, and hung/folded them. I'm now eating and writing this entry. Once I post this I'm going to respond to some LiveJournal comments that I've gotten on my previous posts. I don't have to get ready for work until 3:30pm so I still have plenty of time.

I'll update about work another time.
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