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An update of not much

I still have an hour until I need to leave for work (at least as I start to write this, heh) so I figured I would take a little time to sit down and write about things. Work and playing Zelda: Twilight Princess are about the only things that have been going on for the last couple of weeks.

My sister is getting caught up in the whole gossiping thing. Earlier today she told me to go look at someone's FaceBook profile just so... I don't know. Whatever. I honestly don't care; it doesn't matter what they do as far as I'm concerned, because they never bothered to talk to me. So whatever.

Anyway, some time in the next week or two I'm going to officially request to have three days a week off starting in February (or the last week of January). This will give me some more free time to do the things that interest me, and to keep me from getting wore out. I don't need a "full-time" job right now anyway.

There have been no more boys lately, and all the ones I was talking to before are either on vacation or are no more. It would be nice if I had one to see occasionally, but oh well, that's nothing new. (What, you thought I would go an entire entry without mentioning "boys"? *gasp* haha ;-)

Well, I had better be off. I want to get something to munch on for the road, go fill up my car, and scope out Hastings or something before work. C'ya
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