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Three point one [point two] things

Three point one things:
1. I accepted a change in schedule tomorrow from 3-10pm to 10:30am - 5:30pm.
2. I might have a date Sunday. Maybe Saturday. Both depends on them.
3. I seem to have lost the money from an order tonight. When it was all counted I had less than even the commission, much less my tips. The idea is that maybe I put it in the box below mine, but we won't find out until the morning. I only took home 7$, and my commission alone was supposed to be at least 11$. ... Oh well.
3a. In the pursuit of finding the missing money I uncovered 30$ in an unassigned drop box. It is highly unlikely that this was my money, but it's not near any other assigned box. Maybe it is, but I doubt I made that much in tips because what seems like half of my dozen deliveries didn't tip, at all. I'll ask the managers about it in the morning and see if anything came up.

... That's it. I'm going to bed now so I can get up in about 10 hours. Good night world. Please wake me when life is ready.

Oh! I was talking to a coworker about how it sucks to be single sometimes (the guy from Hastings had just left), and we both agreed the people (he said "girls" and I kept it genderless) around here aren't worth dating. He said he wouldn't date any girls from around here because they all cheat, lie, and just in-general are full of drama. Having seen the other side of the fence personally, I can believe it.

Anyway, ... I'm off. really.
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