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Stood up

I'm 50 miles from home and I've been stood up. There's no response & I'm too chicken to show up unannounced since its his parents dad's house. Oh boy.

Update: Right after I posted this he and his dad drove right past me, and then he messaged me saying "Well i just left with my dad my fone was off last nite. Sorry." There is absolutely no way I'm driving back out to see him now. If he wants to see me then he can drive here. Don't make plans you can't keep, and if you can't keep the plans you make then don't leave people hanging. That's the one thing I can't stand that my sister does all the time.

... In all truth, I knew it was likely to come down to this. He has said he would visit numerous times before, but only once (soon after we first met) actually did.
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