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I'm an old gay man

I felt like going to bed early so I got ready and under the covers (They aren't as soft or form-fitting as I would prefer; I'm hoping a wash will fix that... meh). I started watching Wedding Planner from where I fell asleep yesterday, but very quickly decided I wasn't in the mood to watch something with romance in it, especially not something I know the story line oh-so-well to. I decided to go downstairs and get one of the other movies I had on DVD, some soda (even though it will do horrible things to my bladder this late at night), and maybe some food (which turned out to be the last slice of cinnamon pie, tortilla chips, and dip... yeah). Well, there was just one problem to leaving my room: I needed to put something on. Of course I grabbed the robe and trotted downstairs.

When I got downstairs my sister said, "You look like an old man. No, you look like a gay old man."

Uh, great, thanks.
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