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To the St. Louis of Missouri we go

I'm going to be in St. Louis tomorrow. My sister has her interview for a trip to Germany (exchange student? can't remember) at 9am in St. Louis tomorrow, and since she wants me to go with her to the Arches I'll be driving my car (better gas mileage). That means I'll have to be up by 5am and ready to go. I also happen to work from 4pm to 9pm today, so this is going to a rather fun time (with only a hint of sarcasm).

hmm... I'm half tempted to just keep going once I hit St. Louis, except I would be dragging my sister with me, might have work Tuesday, and there's a good chance of snow Wednesday and onward. So yeah.... oh well.

Work is doing a super bowl party thing so I'm going to go in a little early (although not quite yet). Say, get there at 3pm? *nod* That'll work.
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