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One of those "Interview me" memes going around

They have that "Interview me" meme going around again. I indirectly did it so now I'm supposed to post the directions and answers here, but we all know I don't really like doing the viral part. I am posting the answers here because they're probably the most interesting thing this journal has seen in quite some time, but if you want the directions then you can find them in romeohotel's journal or something.

  1. What is it about computer programing that does it for you?
    The structured logic and virtually unlimited possibilities to create something out of nothing (or more aptly very basic building blocks). Because I can't be the kind of inventor that people used to be (creating machines in their own home out of spare parts), the only outlet I have is to create simulations and games. Doing it makes me feel productive and useful, despite my lack of other skills to show true productivity.

  2. For somebody who's into logic and efficiency, why can't you eat leftovers?
    Can't? I can't? ... huh? I eat leftovers; just only so much. What I don't like is to eat the same exact thing over and over for too long, or I'll wear myself out and not want to touch it again for weeks on end. I eat leftovers all the time, actually. Whenever I go out to eat I'll usually only eat half of what I get and take the rest home to eat later. I also like variety in my diet so I try to mix things up when possible.

  3. Where do you see yourself in five years? Do you have a secret burning ambition?
    I can only hope to see myself with a job maintaining servers and programming new projects. I have no idea what projects I would be doing (I lost the creative talent many years ago) or what servers I would be maintaining. I haven't been looking, and no one has been making any offers, so that outcome is about as likely as anything else, including still working for Papa Johns.

    Sure, I'd love to get into space, design a space ship/station, and start exploring the solar system, but apparently that's not my area of expertise, nor do I have the drive to make it happen despite the many setbacks of our existing government and space exploration programs.

    At the very least, though, I see myself moved away from Dyersburg and closer to a big city.

  4. Chinese or Indian?
    Hmm, both? heh. If I had to choose just one then it would probably be Chinese. At the same time, though, I do like the spices in Indian foods so it would be hard to turn down any. :-)

  5. Square or circle, and why?
    Well, let's see...

    The square can be patterned and laid next to each other without wasting any space. It has perfect sides and precise angles. It's also very deliberate and shows control.

    The circle lacks sharp angles, is mesmerizing on the eyes, and can be used for a lot of applications (but then so can the square). It also portrays a sense of flexibility yet repeats itself as a course of existence.

    In a way they both have their own places, and can work together. Depending on the size of the shapes they can even fit inside each other.

    Can I say one is better than the other, or choose one over the other? No, I don't think I can. It would be like saying your left index finger is better than your right index finger, or the wheels of a car are better than the body or engine.
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