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Ordered: The Ethical Slut

The other day I locked myself out of the house. I did have my wallet and a spare key to my car so I figured I would hang out at Papa Johns, Hastings, and wherever until my sister or brother got home.

Earlier I had checked online to see if Hastings carried "The Ethical Slut". While at Hastings I asked the lady at the book counter if they had the book in stock. When I told her the name she remarked that it must be some sort of fiction book. As I started to say "No, it's about relationships" the information came up on the computer and she went "Oh...". Apparently the book is on the restricted list, because she asked if I was 21. I said no, but shouldn't that be 18? You can go to an adult store, buy cigarettes, and look at porn at 18 so why would I need to be 21? I was right so I showed her my license and Hastings rental card. She then asked if the number they have on file is right and it took me a moment (again) to replay the number she said in my head and verify it was right.

After she had verified the phone number and confirmed the order I asked if she could add an alternate number in there. She seemed to think I was trying to keep someone else from finding out what I had ordered because she started to assure me that when it came in she would just say that I have a book in. I assured her I was not concerned about that, because my brother wouldn't care and I don't care what my sister thinks. I just figured it would be quicker to get notified on my cell phone because if I happen to be working then I can pick it up before I go home rather than make a trip right back.

Her reaction when the book information showed on the computer, and her mistaken belief that I was trying to be discreet about getting it, was very amusing.
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