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Phone Interview Complete; Next?

The phone interview actually had very little personal information, and more technical and experience.

The number they found most impressive is the number I quoted off the top of my head, and I just found out it was wrong by about three-fourths. *winces* There was also the lack of actual experience with PHP5 and MySQL5, specifically advanced object handling and stored procedures.

Other than that, though, they liked what they heard. The guy said there are three possible outcomes at this point.
  1. Pass (no job).
  2. Have an in-person interview.
  3. Make an offer

He said that most likely they won't be going the first route. If a few of the people who sat in on the phone interview are sitting on the fence then they'll go the second route. If, by some chance, several of them are impressed by the phone interview then they'll go the third route. He said they'll know by the end of the day and then the job recruiter will get back with me.

Last night romeohotel asked if I was nervous. I was only a little nervous then. Now I'm nervous.
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