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A little going away present; severing ties

heh. I was supposed to get off work at 8pm, but got off at 8:30pm. One of my co-workers wanted a ride home at 9pm, again, but I didn't want to wait half an hour so I left.

As I was leaving I noticed that the guy from Hastings was at work, so I decided to put into action one of my going-away presents. I went to Applebee's and got a 25$ gift card. In it I wrote a little message about the job offer in Las Vegas, not being able to take him up on that lunch/dinner, and that if he was ever in Vegas or wanted to visit to call me. Then I went into Hastings, said "Hey [name]" to get his attention and "This is for you." After I handed it to him he said thanks. Before he could open it I said "Bye" (or was it "C'ya"? Oh well) and walked out.

Then I went back to Papa Johns and waited twenty minutes for the co-worker to get off.
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