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The Autobiography of Russell
Life from a different perspective
House/Apartment Hunting, Part I
I went house/apartment hunting today.

The house prospects for my range are slim and not so great. I noticed a few postings from one Realtor on CraigsList so I visited his office. I asked if he had any properties in the Henderson area, but not a single one of the half-a-dozen properties he showed me are actually in Henderson. Oh, well, that may be just as well, since I didn't really know where I'm looking for. I did look at one of the houses (3/2, ~1350 sq. ft.) and, well, it had a few too many negatives, despite the positives. The kitchen counter was made out of tile, things felt cramped, and there was some odd wired cassette/radio sound system in half the rooms, plus it was the smallest house in the entire neighborhood. It just didn't feel like me. Too... convoluted (The bathroom had a door that led outside).

But anyway, the apartment search was a good bit better. After that house I got a bite to eat and headed back to my job to pick up my relocation assistance check. While there I got to talking to Melissa and she referred me to The Apartment Source, a company that helps people find apartments. The guy took down my criteria and then we met up at the entrance to a gated community. He showed me around one of the 2 bedroom apartments (~1130 sq. ft.) but that one felt cramped too. From there he showed me a 3 bedroom apartment (~1360 sq. ft.) in the same community, but with complete tiled floors, and it felt much more roomy (The living room, dining room, and kitchen weren't walled off from each other, so it felt open and roomy, unlike the other places).

After that he also showed me a house he had that met my criteria. It was quite a ways away from work (almost as much as if I really did get a place in Henderson or maybe even Green Valley (3/2, ~1350 sq. ft). They just evicted the last occupant and it was a cosmetic mess, but the main strike against it for me was how closely packed all of the houses were; you could literally shout at two (or more) neighbors at once from the same window. The main pluses I had were that it was two-storied, and a house. Another negative was that both secondary rooms were half the size of the master bedroom (or less), but it did have a large tub in the master bathroom.

Honestly, I'm very tempted by the 3 bedroom condo lease. It's about 30% of my take-home pay, but it is doable. I've also been asked why I need a three bedroom apartment in the first place... Well, yes, I don't need a three bedroom apartment; I want a three bedroom apartment. Need is a tiny studio room for dirt-cheap thirty miles out of town. Anything above that is a luxury.

Regardless, my hotel stay is up at 11am tomorrow. I'll need a place to stay if I don't have an apartment by then. I guess I'll give this couch-surfing thing another try, and hope the person I talk to isn't about to go on spring vacation.

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starwind_ From: starwind_ Date: March 9th, 2007 12:23 pm (UTC) (Link)
The bigger place you get, the more utility/possible repair and upkeep you will have. Not to mention, if you actually want to make them nice, thats just more stuff you have to buy to put in there. 1 br, maybe too small, 2 br, nice for guests but 3br = roommate or a kid imo, unless you say, would ever have a guest and turn the other room into an office at the same time (it owuld be perfectly OK to turn 1 of a 2br into an office and buy a nice fouton for guests)
zimzat From: zimzat Date: March 10th, 2007 01:54 am (UTC) (Link)
Yeah, three bedroom may be a bit big, but my brother's 4 bedroom house (~1800sqft) has spoiled me. I'm going to miss having stairs and an upper level, but I really don't like the exterior of most of the houses around here, and they're all so cramped that you might as well just make them apartments then space them out a bit.

I may consider a roommate at some point; I'm leaving that option open for now. I have offered that possibility to several people so only time will tell if any of them accept (although I think it's unlikely). For now I'm planning on getting the place looking comfortable, see if anyone wants to couch surf, and go for there.
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