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More Bullet Points; Open & Upfront

  • Sometimes when I wake up too early I probably act as if I were drunk.
    • That was several times this week, sadly.
  • I theorize that both of the tubs in my place are big enough for two people.
    • I have not had a chance to test this theory.

I am re-learning a valuable lesson I started to forget. When I left Tennessee I asked my brother and sister not to tell our parents where I went. Yesterday evening I got a call from my dad. He had heard that I moved to Nevada. I'm not even sure why I didn't want them to know. I occasionally get this burst of desire for secrecy in my dealings, yet every single time I get slapped in the face, so to speak, with backlash. And in the end it accomplishes nothing because people find out about it anyway. I might as well be open and upfront about everything I do.


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