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I was trying not to spend any time posting but... It is official. The world is conspiring to greatly annoy me. This is a Very Bad thing.

I haven't gotten anything more done since the noon meeting. This is another Very Bad thing. I only have a day left to finish the main parts and I still have one or two main parts of my project left.

The majority of the talk on #gallery is about the upcoming GalleryCon2006 and what shirts to order so very little development is going on. They're going to miss their release date for Gallery 2.2 by a couple of months now.

Ok, who gave LiveJournal the brilliant *sarcasm* idea to let users post Flash? And not behind cuts at that! I want to strangle someone right now.
Oh, and while less annoying than flash, posting five entries in a span of a couple of hours in five different entries, all outside of a cut, is no better than posting five pictures in the same post without a cut.
Stop it people. Think of your fellow LiveJournalers and put that stuff under a cut.

Someone else on my list has really been annoying me lately. The way he talks about things makes me want to just choke him. Uppity uppity and so self-centered. This may just be compounded on my other annoyances, but it's still annoying.

A dozen people have simultaneously decided to go on vacation for a week or two, or more.

My back started killing me earlier today (thus why I laid down earlier).

The power went off a little over an hour ago.

My sister came downstairs and announced "I'm going to watch TV" which makes it very hard for me to use my computer.
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