Russell (zimzat) wrote,

What is love.

Many people say that love comes in many ways, forms, and degrees. I was talking to one of my friends about a guy I've seen a couple of times now and she urged me to define myself before getting into another relationship. One of the things I think I need to define is what love is to me. Those that know me fairly well probably also know that this is no easy matter, and even those that don't could agree with that just on general principle. What we often feel when first getting into a relationship may have nothing to do with love, as the newness of a relationship will overpower any other feelings.

To some love is accepting someone for who they are despite, or regardless, of what their flaws are. At the same time, though, this leads to easily being abused and not knowing when a relationship is unhealthy. Unless both people are willing to compromise their standards then this will also lead to a one-sided relationship or, even worse, leave one person with too much power over the other and easily persuade them to do things they shouldn't.

Some say that if you love someone that you will let them go, while others say that you should hold close the people you love.

Some say that opposites attract, and that some of the oddest people can make a connection. Many times this will be a short-term affair because their views conflict and a compromise cannot be made. Sometimes they will manage to find a comfortable middle ground and work together to get past their differences to make the connection last. If either is headstrong or uncommitted then things are likely to break down.

On the other hand, some say that similar people make good partners because they have things in common to share. This makes things easy at first, but too much similarity leaves things to be desired. Things become too familiar without enough difference and variety to keep things interesting.
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