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Housekeeping; Sorting through the draft folder.

I've gone through my journal entry draft list and posted, deleted, or compiled most of them. The ones I posted are backdated to the original creation time so they probably aren't showing up on your friend list. Here is a list of them:

2006-07-20 19:36 ranting
2006-11-24 19:02 What is love.
2006-12-22 07:10 Lazy; Work

Are here are the compiled ones:

Relationship Worth
Why do we judge the worth of a relationship based on how long it will last?

if I think I can make someone else happier by dating them and not harm myself, I would do it too.
This was something I read in a comment on a community. It strikes me as rather close to how I kind of feel.

Thoughts vs Feelings
Are thoughts conscious feelings, or are feelings unconscious thoughts?

"but" and "or" concerns
When starting a relationship it's not the "but" that needs worried about but the "or". Worries about the "but" are for later.
Prime "or" example: "Would you like to hang out some time this weekend, or has your schedule gotten swamped already?"
Prime "but" example: "I really do like you, but I just don't know if I'm ready."
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