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The Week In Review

Now then, where was I? Oh yes, last week. Last week I spent a total of three nights at home, and only two of them alone.

Some time the week before I was contacted by Tommy, who lives in Florida. He started up a conversation but it didn't end quite agreeably. The next day he started up another conversation that ended much better. At some point he mentioned that he would be in town last week from Monday to Friday. He had a show to attend in town with his co-workers Monday evening, but after that was over I met him (after much confusion and getting lost) at the Hilton.

Tommy: So what do you want to do?
Me: Well, I was thinking that at some point I would ask if you wanted to go back to my place, like I just did.

Anyway, Monday night was spent at my place, upon which I took him back to his hotel in the morning. I proceeded to get stuck in traffic and get to work an hour late.

Tuesday evening we went to an Italian restaurant on the strip with his co-workers. After that we went back to his hotel so he could show me a surprise he had gotten for me. I knew the moment he took off his shoes that he was going to try to get me to stay at the hotel with him. The surprise was a set of red towels (I only had one set of blue towels before). I did end up staying the night at the hotel, and getting up extra early to make it back to get ready. Both Tuesday and Wednesday at work I was dead tired, barely functioning.

Wednesday evening I decided that I was going to bed by 10 or 11pm no matter what. For the evening Tommy invited Dustin, a guy he had flown out to Florida a few weeks prior, to go shopping with us that evening. There was very little in their conversation that interested me, and few times it was directed to me specifically. For the most part I stayed quiet, yet not entirely in the background. After we got done shopping around 9pm we went back to the Hilton for food. The food took a while to get out to us, so we didn't get finished and walk out until a few minutes before 10pm. We started heading toward the elevators and Dustin followed along. Even when we got to the elevators he didn't excuse himself, and in fact just rang an elevator and came right up with us. By 10:15 I sent Tommy a text message saying that I really did need to get to bed soon. Eventually Dustin got the hint and left, and I managed to get to sleep by 11:30 or so. I was still a little tired at work the next day, but no where near as much as I was previously; I could actually function and think properly.

Thursday would be the last day I got to spend with Tommy. He spent the day with his co-workers, and the evening with me. We went to Sapporo's for sushi and ordered a good bit more than either of us could eat. While there one of the guys who brought us our food stared at me both while he was setting the food down and even as he left. After he left I blurted out "He's gay." to which Tommy said "Yeah." At some point a possible three-some entered the conversation, to which Tommy even offered to ask him back to the hotel room with us, to which I declined.

After that we walked to his bank across the way where he attempted to withdraw some money from his account just to go gambling. It wouldn't let him so he got on the convenience phone and started giving the operator some sob story about not being able to get back to his hotel. It was at this point I couldn't take it any more and stood around outside for like 10-15 minutes waiting for him to get through. He did get some money, and did go gambling until 2pm once we got back to his hotel. I did not stay up waiting for him, and was only vaguely aware when he got back.

Friday after work I responded to a few messages I had gotten during the week that I hadn't had the time to respond to. One of which was from a local guy named Brandon. We were even going to try to hang out Friday night, but he didn't get finished working until 3am. Saturday night, at like 11pm, I drove to his place instead. We talked for a while about various video games and then watched Night At The Museum. After which we spent a little more time talking before deciding to head to bed. We both got ready for and into bed. We're our opposite sides of the bed, him in boxers and me in my usual (in other words, nothing) when the following took place:

Me: *chuckles*
Him: What?
Me: I'm just remembering how earlier you said you're very shy.
Him: I am.
Me: Are you being shy right now?
Him: Yes.
Me: *scoots over next to him* heheh

(romeohotel says I'm evil. e-vil. Yeah, I know.)

It was about 10:30 when we woke up, and about 11am when we decided to go to IHOP for breakfast/lunch. We were there until about 1:30pm eating and talking, after which I dropped him off at his place and came home. He was thinking about visiting my place that evening, but his work kept him busy until well after a reasonable time. I asked about rescheduling for tonight, but it seems the same thing has happened again. Most likely it won't be until this weekend that we hang out again.

So that was my week. I'm off to bed now. I'll try to post more often again. Next up will be various thoughts about the week. :-)
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