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Deja Vu & Twisted Evil

Aww... it's so cute! ^_^

Chase *wonders if that's spelled right* has become one of the family now. Why now and not before? Because he's helping around house. I walked up front and there he was with Hannah's other three kids peeling potatoes around the table.

Deja vu anyone? Yep, feels a lot like Scott and I met, made friends, etc. I just wonder what'll be different down the line. Perhaps his parents won't move away in a few years, heh. ahh, the good times. The time of being kids.

Err... okay, enough about them! hahaha

I can't wait until my cloak gets here =p I've already got the evil cackling down and the sudden bursts of cackling are too perfect. ::twistedly evil::

Mw Hahahaha!
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