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Bake A Cake: just don't do it the "right" way.

This morning I baked a cake (Butter Pecan, in case you're interested). There were a few hiccups, but I managed to get around them.

The first problem was that, out of all the things I have gotten, I don't have a mixer, or even a mixing bowl. So instead I used the blender. I also don't have a spatula, but a large spoon worked relatively well. I also didn't have an Crisco to grease the bottom of the pan, so I used vegetable oil instead.

The cake looks fairly nice and tastes good. The flavor is very subtle, like you would expect from butter. I admit to being a little disappointed for not having any crunchy chunks in it, but then with the blender they probably wouldn't have made it through very well. :-P
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