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It was a semi-random act of kindness

I did go to the store, but didn't get all the things I probably should have. I just didn't feel like staying out very long.

At the check out, I got in line behind these two people that had nearly full baskets, while I only had five items. Right before the first one finished up, some young skinny guy with a dozen tattoos, the second one, an older gentleman, said that I could go ahead of him. I hesitated for a moment but then accepted. After the lady rang me up I had it get an extra 20$ cash back. When she started to give it to me I told her to add it to his "account" (I said account, but I meant his bill, or whatever). I was originally going to make it just 10$, but I didn't want to drain the cash I had in my wallet, or seem like a cheap-skate to hold things up even longer to ask for two tens.

So, I now realize that was entirely pointless and may not even have been received well. *twitch* I'll have to handle that better next time.
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