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Feel free to fornicate yourself in my absence

Yeah, that's what I just set my away message at. If that doesn't get a response I don't know what is. I'm majorly jealous of other people right now. Shelley has a social life, Anna likes her god stuff, Justin has people Talking to Him, Esther does what she wants whenever you wants (she could be married right now and no one would know), Jonathan has a life of his own including a job and hobbies, Hannah has kids even though they may be the devil himself from time to time, Crystal has her boyfriend, Will has Shelley, (yes, I'm just going through my contact list right now), Greg has his self pitty and people that hate him, Pete certainly seems to keep himself occupied, Vincent has his social life, Chris has work, and I have none of the above

My favorites comic list has turned into a list of maimed letters...
BMB [Daily], CG [Sun-Irradic], FF [Daily], FLY [Irradic], GG [Daily], HDC [M-W-F], IW! [Daily], MLB [M-F], MDW [M-W], P [Irradic], PDI [M-W-F], PG [M-W-F], QW [Irradic], RL [Daily], RPGW [S-W-F], SP
Yes, each of those are a comic. You may be able to tell what some of them are but you probably have no clue what the others are and I'll just leave it at that.
The last one is Something Positive. I don't have a update time for it cause I'm still catching up on the archives. Left off on July 6th, 2002 O.o

Humm.... okay, I'm really out of energy now. Going to just walk around up front like a zombie.
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