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House purchases; tv and sofa?

I think it's time for some more house purchases. I have in mind a tv and sofa or futon as my first priority. I don't want to spend some 900$ or more just for a TV, so I'm thinking about just a cheap 32" CRT for 300$. I don't need anything too big, but I do want something a little big for playing multiplayer games easily. As for the sofa, I think I'll visit that home consignment store again to see what they have in a decent range. If I can get a sofa for under 300$ there then I might go that route, or see what I can find on Craig's List. I'm really not sure how I'm going to get any of this furniture home, though.

But, that's for later. I still need to get home from Tennessee first, and right now I'm more concerned with getting some decent sleep (I kept waking up last night) and a shower. The sleep will probably have to wait now, though.
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