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3D screen paper; Cleaning bathroom

Oh dear... I've been playing Super Paper Mario on the Wii too much. I'm looking at my computer screen and in my head it's flipping into 3D and back. It's kind of annoying because the windows have cut-out white paper edges in my head; it's distracting and disorientating.

Yesterday I cleaned my tub and toilet for the first time since moving here. I know, I know, I should have gotten that done at least once since first moving in but it wasn't very high on my priority list. The tub looks a lot whiter now, and doesn't feel icky either. I think I'm going to stick with this cleaner (Comet Bathroom Cleaner) because it's easy to spray on, doesn't require scrubbing to get off, and doesn't have a gritty feel.

More stuff later. I need to finish getting ready for the day, especially getting something other than cereal to eat.
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