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Missed oppotunities; the flight home (being creepy; security, again)

Remember how I said I'd never let another opportunity pass? ... I did. I let at least two of them get away from me while I was on the trip for work. I need to start coming up with introductions, generic conversation topics, and more guts to act on them.

There are also times when I can be considered more than a little creepy. Take the flight home as one.

Southwest has an open seating policy. They board the plane in three groups based on how soon you checked in for the flight. When I got on I started down the aisle looking ahead for anyone that looked kind of cute. I spotted a red haired guy with a decent amount of facial hair sitting next to a window with the middle seat open. I asked the older gentleman next to the aisle if the middle seat was taken to which he said no. I stowed my luggage several compartments back then took my seat in the middle.

During the flight I made of point of leaving my elbows on the arm rests a little. At one point when the red haired guy was sleeping his arms jerked outward onto the arm rests where mine were. At this point my upper arm was flush against his but he was still asleep. It was... nice, but I didn't try anything further, nor did I move away either. A while later he woke up but didn't move his arm away. It was like that until he pulled out his book again (I want to say it was "Great Political Thinkers" but I cannot find a cover that matches what I saw; hardcover, mostly white, looked a little old-ish, fairly big) near the last half an hour of the flight.

Anyway... I have things to do. Yet again on the flight back I had trouble with security (Gallon-sized bag instead of quart-sized, although I only had to leave like two or three (of like 8 or 9) items behind anyway; seriously, though, one quart is 32 ounces, and all of my bottles were 3 ounces or less. But, anyway, I'll have to find some smaller containers to fill with shampoo, etc, or something). I also need to get replacement deodorant from the store (I was almost out anyway at least).
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