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The Autobiography of Russell
Life from a different perspective
Broken lines of thought; insults; hermit; libido
Most insults are compliments, and most consultations are insults.
Being called human and maybe even "American" is the closest thing I've heard to an actual insult.
Being told I'm from a different planet or a different specifies is a compliment.
Being told I lack tact is a compliment as well.
I don't want to be like most people.

It's so odd... ever since the trip out of town for work I haven't wanted to talk to people very much.
It's a chore just to respond to text messages, instant messages, and emails.

Where oh where has my libido gone.
I don't mind; it can stay away.

Current Mood: blank blank
Current Music: "Need To Feel Loved" by Reflekt

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