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No IM; Netflix; Voltron; Law & Order; Leaving Metropolis

*logs onto IM* .. *logs off* .... *logs onto IM* .. *logs off* .... *logs onto IM* .. *logs off*

... Nope, still not up to making myself available to talk to people on IM.

I recently discovered Netflix's online watching program included with my account. I've been watching Law & Order: Special Victims Unit First Season all morning (with one episode of Voltron thrown in there). It's not the greatest show to be looking at eye candy on.

As for Voltron, it has a sucky plot with sucky animation (much of which is highly reused). I've only watched about half of the first season, but I could read a paragraph in less time and probably get the same as watching twenty minutes.

The first thing I watched, though, was Leaving Metropolis. This movie reminds me why I want to strangle people, gay or straight, who don't have safe sex.
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