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Purchasing a gaming rig (finally)

I've been saying I would buy a new computer specifically for gaming, and I finally did. There was a [yet another] post on GameHavoc soliciting feedback on parts for a computer. The initial responses were outside of the poster's range, but they were good ones for me. I hijacked the thread and also got some more feedback on a CPU, PSU, and what-not.

I called my bank this morning and had them to temporarily increase the daily spending limit on my debit/credit card. After that I went into my Gaming Rig "wish list" and purchased all the items I had been compiling. The shipping cost was less than 10$, and I didn't have any sales tax either.

The only thing I'll be using from my old/current desktop is the CD/DVD drive and LCD monitor. I have plans to retire it to another room (where I won't hear it) and make it a public facing computer for SSH access into my local network from outside. I'll also store backups and what-not on its large (but slower) hard drive for access between other computers locally.

Well then, back to work.
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