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Pink Eye: 0; Eczema: 1; Allergies: ?

Last night as I was getting tired my right eye started feeling like it had something in it. On the way home from work yesterday I also felt the same thing in the same eye. Earlier that day I was also talking to a co-worker about my cats and mentioned that they had red eyes and I had taken them to the animal hospital. She inquired something about pink eye so last night I started getting a little concerned. I've never gotten pink eye before and I've never seen it either so I didn't know what to expect.

When I woke up this morning my eyes weren't feeling their usual. Last year there was a small case of pink eye going around and a notice to employees saying that if anyone got pink eye they should stay home. To be on the safe side I called my boss half an hour before I was to start work and told him I would be late to go to the doctor (although I didn't specify for what). I said I'd give him a call afterword and let him know what's up and when I would be coming in.

Everything checked out. She said there was a bit of irritation, possibly from allergies (which seems odd to me since I've never had any before, but then I guess it's not too late to develop them), but definitely no infection. She said that eye infections usually come on strong and fast so I would have known by then if it was pink eye. She gave me a prescription for some eye drops and recommended a certain type that can be bought at the store that aren't prescription (single-use packets of eye drops) I could try before getting the prescription. She also gave me a referral to several local eye doctors in case anything changes and so I can look into getting a regular eye exam.

I mentioned the spot on the back of my left hand and she officially diagnosed it as eczema. She also said that people who have eczema are more likely to have allergies. She gave me a sampler for a prescription lotion to apply several times a day to help with that. If it helped out then I could come back for a prescription.

Finally I mentioned how while shear_logic was here and we were at one of the casinos/malls that my arm started and continued for about 5 minutes to heavily tingling like someone had been laying on it. She said that since it didn't happen again it was probably just muscle strain; definitely nothing to do with the heart (if it was then it wouldn't have been mildly relieved by shaking my arm, and would have been accompanied with several other symptoms).

All said and done I was out by 9:20am or so. I called my boss back up and said I would be in by 10am. I then went to Sonic on the way to work and had a leisurely breakfast before getting to work at 10am. Because of that I didn't feel the need for lunch at 11 or 12 and worked well past 3pm until I started feeling hungry. I stayed until 5pm and then said I would make up the other hour Thursday or Friday as I needed to get home in a timely manner today and possibly tomorrow.
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