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Anthony Rapp at UNLV

I was reading the newspaper when I read an article near the back about Anthony Rapp. Apparently he's going to be at UNLV this Saturday (the 23rd) at 8pm. At the moment the tickets are 50$ for one, 65$ for two, and 95$ for three. It's tempting to go just as something to do, but I must admit that a part of me wishes for some fantasy meeting. The hall where he is supposed to be holds over 1,800 people, so that quickly throws out the idea of some small intimate meeting. According to his MySpace page he's also in a relationship. Lastly, I also must admit to having never seen Rent. I've heard several of the songs, especially the theme song, but that's it.

All in all, just a fantasy of unrealistic proportions. Maybe I'll go anyway. If someone would like to go with me (for just the extra 15$ or split) I'll definitely go.

Edit to add: Event Info: An Evening of Words and Music.
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