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Mistakes in adoption and dealing with failure

A month ago I adopted a couple of cats; two sisters named Mindy and Mandy. They're short-hair domestic cats with primarily black hair and white on their bellies. The adoption fee was 100$ each, plus all the basic stuff I had to buy (carry box, food, litter, litter box, water and food dishes, scratching post, and some toys). I made a mistake in getting them because I liked how they looked rather than making sure they would be interested in me.

Barely a week after I had them they both developed redness on the outer white part of their left eye. I took them to the vet to get checked out and came home with some medicine for it; 200$+ between the two of them (40$ just for the checkup just for one). I gave them the medicine for a few days and it seems to have cleared itself up after that.

I was supposed to get their vetinary papers in the mail. I haven't gotten anything yet. I got a call from the adoption lady a week after I adopted them asking how they were doing. I haven't heard from them since.

This morning I was attempting to pet Mindy but she has a habit of hiding under my bed covers when I'm not in bed. For a second time she took to biting me for attempting to pet her. The first time only scratched the skin but this time I actually have almost half a dozen different spots where I started bleeding.

Both cats will run from me if I get too close. If I corner them I can pick them up to pet and hold, but they both will jump off and run away the first chance they get. If I let them into the bathroom or kitchen they will hide in the corner space between the cabinets where it's next to impossible for me to get them out of.

I haven't had the energy or initiative to play with them much. A freelance project took up all my extra free time the last couple of weeks. I may also be looking to move soon and it would help uncomplicate things if I don't have to factor them into it.

As such, I'm starting to think it would be in my, and possibly their, best interest to return them to the adoption group (they have a no-kill policy). I don't want to be a failure, though, so I'm hesitant to return them without putting more time and effort into them.

I dunno... I have to make a decision about this, and what I'm going to do now that my condo lease is up. More on that in another entry, though.

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