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Housing decisions; condo & roommate vs house & alone

At the end of this month my condo lease goes to an automatic monthly renewal with a 30 days intent to vacate notice. It's a 3 bedroom 2 bath first floor condo with approximately 1350 square feet. The main bedroom, living room, dining room, and kitchen are all very roomy, while the secondary rooms are only of moderate size. I'm paying 1,200$ a month for it.

My original intention was to get a place with room for a roommate or two and possibly guests. I live in Las Vegas now, after all, so I expected people would want to visit. Aside from the two couchsurfing guests and shear_logic I haven't had any guests. That reasoning is now out the window.

One thing I have against apartments and condos is the proximity to neighbors and lack of a yard. Even a back yard smaller than a room is still enough to get a chair and sit outside in relative peace with the fresh air. The idea of sitting outside with my laptop and fresh air is sitting especially strong with me as the weather turns warm. I thought I heard condos are required to have better sound and vibration insulation but the upstairs neighbor and their little kid stomping around have shown that not to be true. *bang* ARGH!!!

I've already decided that buying a house isn't going to work right now. I don't have enough money saved to afford a decent down payment without dipping too deeply into my emergency savings. If something happened right after I bought a house then I'd be in trouble. Renting is still an option even if I had to pay an extra 100$ a month it would still be worth it. Getting a roommate would be best, though, but if things continued like this that probably wouldn't happen if it wasn't lined up already..

The other day a co-worker said he heard I had offered him a place to stay when he first moved a couple of months ago through his friend but that the decision had been made for him and he hadn't heard anything until just then. I told him his friend had said that probably wouldn't be a good idea / wouldn't work out because I'm gay. His response was "I see" and proceeded to tell me that he was in the process of getting a 3 bedroom condo in the same community I'm currently in (for less than I'm currently paying, even), thought he'd offer, and would let me know once the lease had been signed.

For the guarantee of a roommate and a smaller lease payment I would consider keeping a condo, but there are a few things I need to ask him about first. He smokes so I need to find out if he smokes indoors or only outside. Indoors would be a deal breaker for me. It would be a plus it was a upstairs condo or the upstairs neighbors didn't have a little kid. I would also want to confirm that me being gay and possibly having a guy over at some point wouldn't be a problem. Also, if it's only a 6 month lease term then I'd be even more likely to consider it.

Right now it comes down to the possibility of a roommate in a condo or a house by myself. *listens to more banging upstairs as someone runs/stomps around* I just definitely can't stay here like this.
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