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I talked to a co-worker who knows the co-worker that made the offer to roommate. As I suspected he wasn't comfortable with the arrangement but didn't want to be rude about it. I've talked to him again and let him know it's ok.

I'll be looking for a house to rent now. I want at least a small back yard with an overhang for shade. A two story house is optional and the stairs would probably do my health good (barely keeping it under 150 now and some pants are starting to feel a bit tight), but getting anything up and down those stairs would be a pain in the back. An option to have a cat would be a plus. Anything that resembles a mobile home is a definitely no. No townhouses, no condos, no apartments. An apartment would be cheaper but my sanity is worth the cost. Err, what there is of it anyway, heh.
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