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Work VPN Routing

I have a VPN connection to work. I don't want my normal traffic going through the work network so I only route the internal IP addresses through the VPN. My company's mail servers actually use public IPs so people can access their mail from, say, their Blackberry. My ISP (Cox) only allows SMTP connections to their own server. Normally this isn't a big deal for me but when I'm working from home I don't want to route my work emails through their server.

For a while my solution was to SSH into my work computer and forward the X server so I could launch Thunderbird remotely. This works, but is slow and takes several minutes just to launch. I then have to sync the mail directory back to the laptop as well.

My next solution was to have an alternate VPN configuration that forwarded everything just for when I knew I needed email (or could switch to when I did), but I had a better idea. I couldn't just put the exact IP of the mail server since the VPN routing only allows ranges. Instead I set the range to /31. This includes the IP before and after, but I doubt that will be a problem.

In the end I get work SMTP connections at home and I still get to keep almost everything else off the network. Win/Win.
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