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Week summary; highlight events of today

The theme this week is "Stay late at work to make up time."

Monday's summary: Take extra time off during lunch to submit house rental applications. Stay late at work to make up time.

Tuesday's summary: After lunch open checking and savings account at Washington Mutual so I can have a local bank to get things from if I need. Stay late at work to make up time.

Today's quick summary: Take car to the shop, get a rental car, go to work, make half a dozen phone calls, and get half a dozen phone calls. Stay late at work to make up time.

I took my car to an automotive place this morning. They changed the oil and did a diagnostic on all the other problems, total of about 60$.

They said they wouldn't bother trying to figure out where the oil leak is because the engine is already coated in so much oil. They recommended I get it steam cleaned and then they could try.
The main problem, the coolant leak, is because of a cracked pipe and that would cost 140$ and two hours to fix.

They said the brakes were fine but the rotors were warped so it was causing the brake pads to wear unevenly and cause the squeaking. That's going to cost 300$ to fix and another two hours.

They said the reason the car 'clicked' when making sharp turns is because of some socket in the wheel and axle being something-or-another, and that would cost 400$ to fix and yet another 2 or 3 hours.

All told the rest of the day to fix all of it.

So... at first I was just going to have them fix the cooling/heating system pipe, but when I called my boss he wanted to know if I would be able to get in by noon since the script for a specific task was only on my box. At that point it was already 10am so I decided to have Enterprise pick me up and let them do all of the repairs so I could pick it up tomorrow morning. On the way to work I stopped at Sonic, got a extra long coney, tater tots, and a strawberry slushy.

Once I got the initial stuff taken care of with the script on my box I took a little break outside to make some phone calls. The first call was to Washington Mutual to see if I would be able to deposit a certified check and get the funds available immediately; yep.

The next call was to my bank in Tennessee and order the certified check made out to myself and mailed here. It would cost 5$ to make it and 27$ to mail it via UPS and have it here by 10:30 am tomorrow. Yeah, fine, fine. I need that money ASAP for the lease signing. While I was at it I asked about getting my daily spending limit on my debit card raised and they said the guy in charge of that was busy at the moment but could call me back in a little bit.

Next I called the rental management company in charge of the property I liked a little more (but doesn't allow pets, ... oh well. Maybe I can talk them around later? Probably not) than the one that already approved me. The lady said she was looking at it now and would let me know today.

Finally done I headed back inside. A little later the rental management company called back to asking me a couple more questions and asked if I had another contact number for my current landlord. I try not to give out her cell number haphazardly but by this point I figure it would be ok since it's the property I preferred and it sounded like I would probably get it. A little later she called back saying the owner was ok with the deal so I was approved. We then set up a lease signing time for Friday and let me know what all I would need to bring.

Tomorrow's events: Return rental car, get car back, get smog test, renew car registration, wait for UPS to deliver certified check, deposit certified check, get new certified checks made out for the lease signing, and finally go to work. Also get direct deposit switched to Washington Mutual account. Stay late at work to make up time.

Friday's events: Go to lease signing, call electric, gas, and water company, call landlord, call other rental management company to officially decline their house, and finally go to work. Stay late at work to make up time.

Hopefully next week I'll be able to get back to a normal work schedule.
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