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Silent Wakeup Alert; Unpacking; Change of Address

I sit here, five-something in the morning; I've been sitting here for some 20 minutes. I went to bed a little after midnight so I've only gotten about five hours or sleep. I have no need to be up until at least 6 o'clock or even up to 6:30. I did the same thing yesterday and I was tired all day. I probably looked like a zombie when I wasn't reminding myself to smile and not look so tired. I managed to actually work, at least, so it wasn't a waste; just very slow.

Anyway, updates. I finally got off my tush and started putting away things at the new place. In a couple of hours I stored most of the kitchen items except the silverware (I want to get a silverware tray for that first) and a few misc kitchen items. I moved the PS2 from the old desktop computer in the loft back to the big screen TV. I deflated the air mattress and put it in the secondary room for now. I paid a bill and filed away several other papers.

I still need to write my old bank requesting a change of address. I went online last night and changed my Washington Mutual account address. I'm going to wait on changing the old bank's information for a couple of days and after I move over a bunch of auto debit accounts to the new bank with the new address.

Oh, I need to call my brother to give him the update. I'll probably do that this evening. I haven't talked to him in a month or so so that's a little overdue anyway.

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