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Requesting ideas for dinner

I have a couple of guests tomorrow evening, a co-worker and his wife, and no clue what to make for dinner. Between the three of us we've already had chicken crepes, chicken curry, roast beef, and beef stew. Basically we alternate location (their place or mine) and the host makes dinner. They've actually hosted three times since there are two of them to just me, but we're going to try for alternate visits (I like making stuff, and I don't want them to think I'm trying to get a free meal off them). Even if it's not equal I think it's fair.

Any suggestions for dinner? I'm willing to experiment but I won't have much preparation time.

Edit: I got a suggestion of Spaghetti. I already have most of the ingredients for that so I just need to get the beef. I think that will do nicely.
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