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Brain Age

The other day I downloaded a demo on the DS of Brain Age from the Wii's Nintendo channel. I thought it was kind of fun so I bought the first one a few days ago. I like the mini games and the Sudoku puzzles are good fillers between days. The first time I took the Brain Age test I scored 65 (best score being 20). The second time I got a 48. This last time was a 44. That's still pretty bad considering I'm only 21 and that's twice my physical age. I'd like to at least get into the 30s before I reach 30. :-P

Playing it is one of the first things I do in the morning. I figure it's probably waking my brain up more than just sitting at the computer reading comics and journals. We'll see about that one; my body and mind don't always follow the expected results.
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