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Tired; Sleep; Games; Lunch; Sexuality; Sister; Plans

I'm so tired it's not funny. I haven't gotten a single full night of sleep this week. I don't feel like being social, unless someone is specifically paying attention to me or I have someone specific to pay attention to. I just don't feel like seeing anyone who isn't interested in me right now. I did just go get a couple of new games for the PS2, so I'm probably going to spend all weekend playing them and hiding from the general public.

Somehow a significant number of lunch conversations at work will involve sex or sexuality at some point or another. I attribute this to me being part of the group, but in truth they're all just a bunch of straight guys who like to make fun of eachother in homosexual ways. Some of the conversations are amusing and interesting anyway.

My sister called me last night. I had gone to bed around 9:20pm and found myself groping for my phone at 10:25pm in a fog of consciousness. She talked of trips and visits at future dates, mentioned visits to various places with a friend. She asked how things were with the guy she introduced me to. I barely remember most details of the conversation. After we got off the phone I pretty much just conked out again.
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