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The reason I won't read Penny Arcade

Well, lets see. For starters, the letters are so small the Fs look like P so as I glance through the letters I read halP liPe instead of half life. Neat, eh? Oh, and then there are the completely stupid ones that make no sense. One moment the guy is fine and the next he's spewing blood everyone. Makes no sense. Oh, and not to mention, There Is No Story Line! Not even a five comic story line. everything just jumps from one topic to another, and not even on the same subject. One day we're talking about Half Life 2 and the next we're talking about Nazi's... Am I the only one who doesn't get the stupid comic that everyone raves about? Or is it no body wants to put down a web comic because it's a web comic and all web comics are frail little things with domino effects? (Yes, I know I used the same noun three times and no pronouns)

I may support them when it comes to getting a strip taken down because it "infringes" on another company. (It's a freakin Comic you idiots) but that is as far as my support for them goes.

So yeah, that's why I don't read Penny Arcade. Got it? Good.

Best not forget how tiring it is to see two guys constantly hanging out with eachother... *POKE* Hello? No, I'm not saying that's a bad thing. *shrugs*
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