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Pre-Gay; Waking Thoughts; Losing Co-workers; Failing Computer; Security Return; Craigslist Roommate;

I sometimes wonder what it would have been like if I had considered myself straight before coming out as gay. Many gay people seem to have some of their best friends from before they came out. The fact that I was never too close to anyone precludes that possibility, though.

This morning I woke up around 4:15 or so. I should have just gone back to bed but somehow I got the idea into my head to create a database model code generator. I was up for about 45 minutes doing that before I finally went back to bed until just before my alarm went off at 5:45am.

On June 19th my job let a bunch of people go. Two of them were developers that I went to lunch with on a regular basis. One more was a member of my group that I was fairly close to (and the other only gay person I knew of at work). Last Friday another member of my team put in his two week notice. Today they moved a developer from another group to mine to replace the one who was let go. Now they're going to have to move another or hire someone else to replace the one leaving.

My desktop gaming rig is still down. I'm being very slow about getting it back up, but then at every turn I have to buy more parts. I've almost replaced the entire thing and I originally bought it 7 months ago and used it maybe 2 or 3 of those. Stupid power supply starting a failure cascade. Currently it looks like the GPU or CPU is bad. When I turn it on it starts power cycling every 2 to 3 seconds. I pulled the internal speaker from my old computer (whoever designed the new case apparently didn't think an internal speaker was important... not) and hooked it up to see if it the POST was giving any errors anything, but no. If I take the video card out it will emit some 'video card error' sounds, but beyond that nothing. Eventually I'll get my butt over to Fry's for a cheap PCI or PCI-E card to try again, but if that fails I'll probably be looking into a new CPU or fan. Ugh.

I need to remember to call the rental management group of my last place and find out what the status of my security deposit is.

I think it's time to turn to Craigslist for a roommate. Maybe. Unless someone talks me out of it. I can afford to live by myself but it eats an unsightly amount of my income. It would be nice to have around 2/5 of that back toward savings. It would certainly make saving up for a better car easier.

At lunch today I ran several errands. I deposited the refund check from my gas bill at the last place (somehow I overpaid? *shrug* Oh, wait, they applied my security deposit to the bill after a year), paid rent (one of these days I'll set up automatic payment for that), and dropped my electric bill in the night deposit (no way was I sitting in the drive-through line for half an hour; I was already late getting back).

I think that's enough for now. My mind has gone blank anyway.
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