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The Ultimate TNG: Character Test

Did anyone expect anything else from me? heh

Your result for The Ultimate TNG: Character Test...

Wesley Crusher

You scored 12 Physically Able, 23 Mentally Able, and 20 Morally Good! (30 is max)

You got Wes!

Physically: Low
Mentally: High
Morally: Medium

Wesley is the son of Beverly and is a super science nerd. Even though he's not a member of Starfleet,(at first) and Captian Picard has orders to not let kids on the bridge, Wes is allowed to fly the ship. He also is always working on some science experiment at just the right time as to save or doom the ship.

Well, you may be, like Wesley, a wimpy little boy. (or wimpy little girl) Don't let that get you down, though, you don't need to be big and strong, you've got brain power! Let's face it, you're smarter then those around you, and you know it. You're not out to change the world, you're just out to do the best you can. Don't worry, you're not sick and twisted, and you're well liked by all the dorky people you know. Wes isn't cool, but you could be... maybe.

The character most unlike you is: Worf

Take The Ultimate TNG: Character Test at HelloQuizzy

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