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#1 Motivater (and way for me to never talk to you again)

Shelley and I were arguing about if I could have the attitude of Davan from Something Positive. For now I'm going to ignore her arguement that I would suck at it and I couldn't do it.

Why, even though that is my number one motivator for doing something? Because any time someone uses that on me they best consider it their LAST request EVER. Consider it a Final Strike move. (Those of you who read about Valdemar know what I'm talking about) Once they say I can't do it, I go out and do it just to prove them wrong. On one condition though, the relationship between us becomes so fragil it breaks with the slightest tension. All of you can refer to the deal with Shonie in DarkHallGamers for proof of this.

So yeah, I'm going to ignore that "threat". Just don't make it again unless you never want to talk to me again... Think I don't have the resolve not to talk to people who question my intelligence? Want to test that theory as well? Go right ahead... I don't stand to lose Anything.
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